Recent customers say:

May '16 Jim - WOW! Our large copper pot arrived today looking better than new. So pleased we found you.
- Brad, NC

May '16 OH MY GOSH!
 Your workmanship is amazing.
 The pans are stunning.
 You leave me speechless.
 Thank you.
Leslie, Brooklyn

May '16  Thanks so much. Everything arrived and they are beautiful! Great work.
- Jessica, Mass.

Mar.'16 Wow! I can hardly believe the much-loved, battered pan and lid I got back from you were the same two I sent out. Well done! I almost don't want to mess it up by using it. But I will. On the inaugural menu: buffalo meat bolognese.
- Mike, Iowa

Apr.'16I received my newly tinned Ruffoni Stock Pot last week and it is absolutely gorgeous! I am wondering what type of copper polish you use. I have never seen it so shiny and pretty. The tinning looks a lot better than when the pot was new! Great job!
- Greg, Salt Lake City, UT

Nov.'15  Hi Jim,  My jaw dropped when I opened the box and saw my roasting pan, the copper, the brass handles and the tin perfectly done was awesome. Your pride in workmanship was evident throughout. I walked over to my neighbor to show him and my postal lady saw it and was amazed at the beauty and said it was a shame to stick it in the oven. I admit a few hours later there was just a twinge of reluctance as the roaster loaded with a plump chicken, root vegetables and herbs went into the oven. Nah, in it goes fulfilling its mission in life as it has these last 35 years. Thanks for your quick communications and prompt service, glad I found East Coast Tinning.
- Mike, NY

Aug. '15  Hi Jim,  he pan arrived today. Damn, what nice work! Thank you so much. We could not be happier.
- Howard, ME

Aug. '15  My package arrived safe and sound. Thanks so much for going the extra mile in saving my little "stockpot." Some of life's simple pleasures are priceless. I salute you and your staff of talented artisans-----"MAGNIFICENT". All the Best -
- John, GA

Jul.'15  Jim -- You have restored my faith in the continuum of serious craftsmanship and respect for the past. After two years of combat with a not-to-be-named retinner and serious action to recover my heirloom copper pans, you appeared as a recommendation from a friend. Within weeks, not years, my pans are retinned, polished and, as of dinnertime last night, back in use, as they have been for three generations of my family. I am completely impressed with your talent, professionalism, and remarkable understanding of how important to our daily lives these wonderful cooking pieces can be, whatever their age. Endless thanks to you!
- Harry, VA

Jul. '15  Jim. I just received my pan. Thank you so much! It is stunning! Your work truly is a labor of love that has breathed new life into this old beauty! I am thrilled! Thanks again. Hope to do business again soon.
- Kelli, IL

May '15  Jim, the FedEx truck just delivered the box of copper JEWELRY~ I opened it as quickly as possible and have all the good-as-new pieces decorating our counter top!   Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am thrilled and grateful and will be able to use these pieces probably for the rest of my life!  Blessings to you as you continue your work and skilled artistry.
- Jo, Colorado

Feb.'15 Thanks so very much for a splendid job on the pans I sent you. I will be telling everyone who will listen about you guys and what wonderful work you do. You are skilled craftsmen indeed !! They far exceed anything I had in mind. Well done and I will be sending any I find in the future. Take good care and thanks again.
- Gary, NC

​Feb.'15 Jim, they just arrived and like everything else you have done for us, they turned out spectacular!!
thanks as always! You probably don't need references, but feel free to use us!
- Gail, VA

Jan.'15 I just opened up my old sauté pan, and simply cannot believe this is the same pan! Thank you!
- Margaret, Los Angeles

Jan.'15 The pot arrived today in all of its stunning newness. I would like to say that this whole process has been more than felicitous, from finding your webpage, to sending it via FedEx, to response to my query, to being able to follow its progress when you shipped it, to its arrival today. Thank you. You are now “bookmarked “ and will be an unqualified recommendation to anyone who inquires. And they will when they see it sitting on my stove top...
- Dennis, Minneapolis

Oct. '14  We received the pots back today. WOW, we are so impressed with your work! We cannot thank you enough. We look forward to buying some of you items soon. 
- Laurie, Las Vegas

Sep '14  As usual, thanks for the superb work!--an especially nice job on cleaning up the handle, too.
More to follow in the winter...
- Noah, Chicago

Sep '14 What a fantastic job you did on the pots! Love them. Have 2 more so we will be back...
- Andrea, MA

Jun '14  Love your new FedEx shipping to you - so simple -  and quite inexpensive!
- Susan, California

May '14  Jim, How wonderful and how prompt. We have been traveling and just returned to find the gorgeous saute pan. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. And you may rest assurred that everytime I see copper, I shall tell the owner about you, in case they do not know. [My husband] joins me in gratitude and being thrilled. No, not hyperbole. 
- Nona, NH

May '14  Box arrived quickly. Magnificent restoration work! Just magnificent!!
- Tim, CT

Apr'14 Thank you so much for quickly returning my copper saute pan in its stunningly beautiful refurbished condition.  I am very impressed with the quality of your work and the speedy turnaround time.  Just amazing!
- Mark, VA

Apr'14  Just picked up the package today.  The pan is absolutely beautiful.  What a great job you did. Thank you so much. I will enjoy cooking with it.
- Yumi, MA

Apr'14  Got the pan in the mail the other day. It looks fantastic !  Thanks for the prompt service and great job.
- Greg, MA

Apr'14  Thank you for the brilliant work.  The outside polishing is a show stopper.
-Yuriko, MA

Apr'14  Thank you.  My pot is beautiful.  And polished too!  Great job!
- Janice, MA

Apr'14  OMG! The coppers came today. So beautifully restored. That makes me so happy!  Thank you so much.
- Martha, NY

Mar'14  I received my copper pan yesterday and it looks fantastic! Thank you very much! I will be sure to recommend your service to my customers at Tiffany & Co.
- Victoria, NYC

Mar'14  Just wanted you to know that I received my retinned and polished copper pot in today's mail.  It is beautiful!  Thank you for not only the excellent job, but the prompt turn around.  I look forward to sending you more of my copper pots in the future.
-Jennifer, PA

Mar'14  Got the pan back today, March 20.  Looks like the best re-tinning I’ve ever had out of six so far.  Better looking than when I bought it.  The tin is extraordinarily bright.  Many thanks for you prompt service, outstanding communication, and very helpful tips on how to keep it great looking.
- William, Cleveland

Mar'14  Received. Thanks. Excellent job! Looks better than brand new. Very prompt and efficient service.Bravo!
- Elias, New York City

Mar'14  The pot arrived,it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!  Thank you, thank you...
- Phyllis, New York City

Mar'14  The sauté pan and lid have arrived.  As usual, a wonderful job!  Thanks ever so much!
- Stephen, MA

Mar'14   Great turn around time. I'm glad I've found you!
- Becky, VA

Feb'14  Please feel free to share with your prospective customers that this is the third pot I've sent you over the past year. And that the simple reason i sent you the second was how beautifully you restored the first.
Thanks for the quick turnaround, but most of all thanks for the craftsmanship.
- David, MO

Feb'14  I got my pots today and I love them once again!  I will let Williams-Sonoma know how satisfied I am with your work!  I am going to take them to the store and show them your great work.  I wish you much success!
- Robert, Arlington

Feb'14  Just got the copper — totally gorgeous. Thanks again!
- Stephen, New York

Feb'14  I must say I am shocked at the results of your restoration on this sauté pan.  While I expected the tin lining to look new, I was not expecting the exterior
to look new.  I expected a good cleaning but not this.  There were so many spots and discoloration on the pan and you got rid of all of them.  I just can't believe how it.  Would love to learn how to do this.  No wonder people rave about your work.  Only wished I had more pans to send you.
- Robert, NC

Feb'14  The pot arrived, and it's wonderful, looks gorgeous, and we are delighted.  I'll sing your praises to everyone I can.  Thanks again,
- Terry, Brooklyn

Feb'14  The pots arrived in gleaming perfection!  Thank you so much.
- Marjorie, VA

Feb'14 Thanks so much the pots look great and have really been restored to their copper glory. Thanks for quickly turning them around!
- Brian, Maine

Feb'14  I received the pots yesterday and they are beautiful!!!  Will save up some money to send in the last batch soon.  Hope all is well with you, and again, thank you for your wonderful work!
- Sandy, Raleigh

Feb'14  My retinned pans arrived today. Your workmanship is very, very impressive. I will definitely send more items for retinning, but not quite yet.,,
- Millard, CANADA

Feb'14  That was done very quickly.  Very nice!  Thanksyou!
- Marlys, IA

Feb'14  Hi Jim, Unbelievable job on re-habbing my pot.  Thanks.
- Craig, CT

Jan '14  My pot looks AMAZING.  Almost too beautiful to cook in.  And to think I almost threw it away.  What a transformation!   Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. 
- Susan, NY

Jan '14  Just received our pan today - if was almost like having one of our kids come home - and it really looks fantastic!   Thank you very very much,
- Robbie, Boston

Jan '14  I meant to call you as soon as the box arrived and all the holiday furor simply got in my way, I guess.  The pots are beautiful! You did a wonderful job.  Thank you so much!...
- Marjorie, VA

Dec '13 I just received the large saute pan that you re-tinned and I just want to tell you that I'm absolutely delighted!  It looks brand new. I can't wait to receive the others which should arrive on Monday.  Thanks for all the good work.
- Chet, NYC

Dec '13  Wow!  I received my box today. I'm very impressed.  Thanks for making my old cookware look new again! I bought the lot at an auction, so I had no idea how it would look cleaned up. You exceeded my expectations!
- Cathy, OH

Dec '13  Our one quart pot which arrived home yesterday looks astoundingly (really) beautiful.   It rivals the currant offerings in William Sonoma from which it came.  Thank you!
- Kathryn, CA

Nov '13  Just wanted to let you know that the pan arrived today and it is beautiful!  Your craft is art.  More pans will be on the way.
-Yvonne, IL

Nov '13 All I can say is "wow"!   What a fantastic service you provide.
James, Boston

Nov '13  It looks just beautiful, Jim! Many thanks for your kind assistance. I  recommend your work to many!
- Stacy, IL

Oct '13  The pots arrived yesterday and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see what you had done to refurbish them.  My grandmother was married in 1903 in Naples Italy and the oldest pots were her wedding present.  She brought them with her when she arrived at Ellis Island and used them for as long as I can remember....
- JoAnn, NY

Oct'13  I received my pan this afternoon.  Thank you for a wonderful job.  I am  emailing all my friends with your information.   Thanks again, it was really nice doing business with you.
- Kathy, New York City

Oct '13  Hello Jim!  I'm sorry that this email is getting to you so late but I just wanted to tell you how much I love the pan!  It turned out so beautifully and I couldn't be happier with it!  Thank you for doing such a lovely and perfect job with it!
- Anna, NJ

Sep '13  Our three pots arrived today.  Once again you have done a great job.  Thanks again.....
- Elizabeth, New York

Sep '13  It arrived and is beautiful.  Thank you.  We are most pleased to be able to use it.  Thank you again!
- Bruce, Utah

Aug '13  Pots arrived gleaming, now good for another 30 years!  Thanks very much  for such a quick, professional, and pleasant job.
- Martha, Chicago

Aug '13 Hi Jim !  Very pleased with my copper....beautiful work.  Thanks so much!
- Cindy, MA

Aug '13 About 30 minutes ago I opened the box and my copper pan surpassed my expectations!  It is beautiful and I cannot wait to show it off by cooking some special recipe using it.  Thank you for your skill, your care, and your timeliness. 
With my heartfelt gratitude -
Hollac, CA 

Jul '13  Thanks Jim,  It looks gorgeous.  50 years glowing with many dings, a suitable comment on our marriage!
- Angela, FL

Jul '13  The job you did is amazing.  Can't thank you enough.
- Mark, New York City

Jun '13  Thank you so much!  Gorgeous results from an old set of copper!!  My husband is walking around pulling this pot or pan out saying send East Coast this one :)
- Charlene, MD

Jun '13  They all look great and can't say enough.. Thanks so much for everything and your generosity,   I will refer to all who are into cooking and foodies...
- Sarah, MI

Jun '13  My sauce pan arrived yesterday, and it is, as I expected, gorgeous. You are a true craftsman.  Can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do - 
- David, MO

Jun '13  Two beautiful shiny pot grace my island this afternoon - bringing lots of wonderful memories back to my husband and I.  We look forward to adding more stories to the existing ones.  Much appreciation for your excellent workmanship and prompt service.  We have already shared your name with friends.
- Meridith, PA

Jun '13  OMG!  Jim, my sauté pan was just hand delivered....It's so BEAUTIFUL, I don't think I want to get it dirty!   You truly are amazing. Thank you for your perfection.
- Terry, VT

Jun'13   Wow, amazing!  Seriously, a jewel. Thanks again for the great work. New pans are on their
 way soon! ;)
- Thibault, CA

Jun'.'13  All the pans and lids arrived in good condition.  I am very impressed with your work.    The pans look brand new even the older late 19th century ones.  You even polished the iron handles!   I have a few more to send your way once my funds are replenished.
- Bill, NC

Jun. '13  I received the saucepan and it is beautiful, thank you so much.  I would definitely recommend your services.
- Jan, OH

May '13  ..the pots arrived Saturday thanks for getting them back to me in time - as usual a great job better than new !
- Michael, NY

May '13  So sorry that I have been such a pain. My pots arrived today and they are beautiful! Tonight I am preparing orzo to inaugurate my large pot....
Thank you for being an old fashioned craftsman it is surely appreciated!!....after reading so many online reviews clearly I made the correct choice. 
- Richard, PA

Apr.'13  Thank you for your excellent work bringing back my vintage Duparquet sauce pan.  
The tinning is top notch, but I especially appreciate how you straightened out the rim and polished up the surfaces without sacrificing any of the character that the piece garnered over the last 100+ years.  You displayed a remarkable sensitivity for a vintage piece that will still outlive us all before all is said and done.
I have several modern pieces, but this pan tops them all in its unique beauty, history and the memories it invokes of my Mom and her kitchen.
With Gratitude and Best Regards,
- Steve, FL

Apr.'13  Thank you so much for such a beautiful job on my copper pots.  What a treat to open the box and see them have another life!  I'll let everyone I know who to call when they need retinning.
- Sue, GA

Apr.'13  I just wanted to take time to say A Big THANK YOU!!  I was so pleased with your work on my pan and tea kettle.  My mom was just astounded at the results of her tea kettle.  She couldn't believe you made it look better than brand new!  That was purchased to sit on our cooktop in our newly remodeled kitchen and it looks absolutely fabulous!  I had already sent you a number of pots and pans and was extremely pleased as well!
 Thank you so much!  You can bet that if I purchase any more copper, you will be the person I send it to!  Thanks again!
- Cheer, NV

Apr.'13  Jim,  Y’all are miracle workers!  Your work is absolutely beautiful.....Thank you so much,
- Chris, GA

Mar.'13 Received my pans in the mail today and had to write and thank you for a great job. I cannot believe how fantastic they look after thirty years of use, even the rivets and handles are polished like new and the interiors are ready for another thirty years of use!       I would recommend your work to anyone who would like to restore their copper cookware.
- Blaine, MN

Mar.'13  They came today. You did a wonderful job, they are beautiful. Much better than the last time I had them done. Thank you, you will be recommended to all my friends! 
- Gretchen, IL

Mar.'13  Jim, what a superb restoration you've accomplished. Our pots look just like the day we bought them in Paris 35 years ago. Thanks for the speedy turn-around. We will certainly share the East Coast Tinning story with others.
- Jim & Boo, NC

Feb.'13  The postman delivered my rejuvenated copper saute pan just a few minutes ago, and I'm writing to thank you.  You've certainly restored her to a level of glory that's most likely beyond her remembering.  I can only imagine that the other pots on my hanging rack won't get a minute's sleep tonight....Thanks again for your speedy restoration work --
- Susan, CA 

Feb.'13  Hi Jim,  My pans arrived safely yesterday and I am very pleased with the results!  They look brand new!  Thanks, and I will surely recommend you to anyone that I know that needs your services!  Thanks! 
- Judith, MD

Feb.'13  I received my refurbished pan this afternoon and…wow!  We’re totally impressed with your work and I plan on sending you another pan in the near future.  I still can’t believe you did all this for $85.00---including shipping!   Excellent job---thank you!
- Tiss, MN

Jan.'13  I got my five pans back, thank you.  They are fantastic.  By return, I have sent you two more....
- Ultan, New York City

Jan.'13  The pans arrived and they are gorgeous!  Thank you for your incredible work.
- Debra, California

Dec.'12  I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely stunning work you did on the copper pots I sent to you for re-tinning. They look simply gorgeous and I am completely satisfied with the results. Your work is superb!  (And thanks, too, for returning them to me by 12/24, allowing me to use them on 12/25 amid hearty ooohs and aaahs from my guests, which was quite fun and satisfying as well!)
Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to sending more work your way soon.
- Stella, NYC

Dec.'12  The saute pan arrived yesterday just in time for me to wrap it and surprise my husband this morning.  Thank you so very much for such great service.  More than that, however, we are very pleased and grateful for your masterful tinning and restoration.
- Caroline, NY

Dec.'12  O.M.G.! I received my two pans back yesterday. I must tell you I am stunned! They look absolutely beautiful.   I think your work is simply fabulous AND your customer service.
How proud you must be of what you do! I only wish I had taken ‘before’ photos to show and compare.
Thank you and have a happy holiday,
- Pat, NY

Dec.'12  I couldn't be happier with how your work turned out. My ancient copper pot has never looked better. You made it gleam like new. I was expecting retinning of the cooking surface; I had no idea you'd shine it up so beautifully on the outside too. It hasn't looked this good since it was manufactured a half-century or more ago. I'm so very happy I found you online.
Thank you for refreshing a sauce pan I trust and love and which my best friend (another enthusiastic cook) covets dearly.  I shall recommend your work whenever I have the opportunity. 
- Dave, Boston

Dec.'12   Nice work!  Wow!  I just got the pan back!  It is so beautiful I'm going to have to polish the other three that it's hanging with now!!
- Thomas, PA 

Nov.'12  I received the stock pot today and it is stunning!  Beyond what I expected and your craftsmanship is world class.  Thank you for making this special piece work for us.  
- Elias, Texas

Nov.'12  We received the pots last week.  They are beautiful!  Great job to you and your company.  I really appreciate the quick, efficient service you provided.  It looks as though retinning is an art and you are a master at your craft. ...sending more....
- Jamie, Maine

Nov.'12  Hi Jim, just a quick note to say those 2 sauce pans you worked on turned out amazing. I really appreciate you straightening out the 19th century one. I'm putting it back into service, and its interesting to think about how many meals its made over the years.....
- Rob, NC

Nov.'12  Great job again Jim...
- Sam, NY

Nov.'12  I received my pot I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.  I have since gotten many compliments on it.Thank you, for doing such an amazing job.
- Jenna, NY

Nov.'12  Just got my pot back.   This, as you saw, is a ruffoni and not cheap.  I've had it for about 10 years and I use it so much it just stays on the stovetop.  You did such a great job it looks better than when I got it!  The original tin was soft and ugly...  You did a beautiful job.  Thanks so much.
- Eleanor, Virginia

Nov.'12  The bundt pan looks SPECTACULAR!!!  Now I'm afraid to bake in it for fear of losing that just polished shine.  I have some other pans I will be sending your way.  Thank you so much -
Irene, California

Oct.'12  Jim,  I just received the Pan's you re-tined and I must say OUTSTANDING WORK,  I have a friend who said she needed this type of work done,  I'll show her your work and give her one of your cards.  I hope to be able to add more customers toward your business....
- Lewis, MA 

Sep.'12  Good Afternoon, Jim - I just wanted to let you know that the three pieces you worked on for me arrived today. They look fabulous! They are so much better than I imagined that could be. Thank you. You are a magician!   
I will be in touch when I need additional work from you. And, if I run across anyone who could use your services, I will delightedly tell them about you and my very positive experiences.
- Shelley, OH

Sep.'12  Jim - So many food folks are just floored with the quality of my "new" pan. Also thanks for impressing my students with he amount of care you put into your craft they talked about you in acting class for days afterwards.  Question- I have another pan I'll need to mail to you....
- David, Miami, FL

Sep.'12  Just wanted to let you know that I received my brass buckets in the mail over the weekend.  They are absolutely beautiful, and I thank you for your craftsmanship!
Heather, TN

Sep.'12  Wanted to let you know that "MOAP" arrived  in good condition.   You did an excellent job on it and I could not be more satisfied.   We used it for the big fish fry on the camping trip and it worked great.  All my buds are impressed with it.
- Bill, NC

Sep.'12  Our saucepan has arrived. WOW! I was going to say it's as good as new, but, I think it's better than new. (35 years ago).  Another is on the way....
- Joseph, MA

Sep.'12  Jim,  just wanted you to know the copper arrived and is beautiful! Can't wait to start cooking with it again.  Thanks so much, 
- Leslie, NH

Sep.'12  Hi Jim,  Thank you very much for the spectacular results. I now have to renovate my kitchen so it can live up to my copper pots. I will be sending you the other three in the set for the same treatment, in a few months. I am so glad I found you--hooray for the internet! 
- Lisa, NY

Sep.'12  Hi Jim --  Thank you for the beautiful job on my saucepans.  They just glow, they are so beautiful, and as I actually use them, I remembered what a joy they are to cook with.  Thank you!
- Chambliss, ME

Aug.'12  Received my old omelet pan, now gleaming inside (tin) and outside (copper). Thanks for an spectacular job and swiftly done. I had expected to wait for some weeks and suddenly there it was in all its glory.   My friends are looking forward to great omelets again.
- John, New York City

 Aug.'12  Got my two tea kettles back yesterday and they look gorgeous inside and out!  I should remember to do this more often...
- Carol, MA

Aug.'12  I would like to thank you for the phenomenal job you did on our copper pot.  It is beautiful beyond words!  My husband and I look forward to using the pot often and with great pleasure.
- Burd, MA

Jul.'12  Dear Jim,  I just got my pans and can't tell you how thrilled I was with the entire process!  Before retiring, I used to tell my staff that our goal was to try and meet our customers' expectations, and perhaps occasionally exceed them.  You have far exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the transaction.  We had this done before and the tinning was not nearly as well done as yours, nor the copper as shining.  I have never seen a box as carefully packed as yours.
You have my gratitude for being so good at what you do!  Warm regards, 
- Paul, NC 

Jul.'12  Our sauce pan arrived via USPS this morning and it looks fabulous!  The tinning is superb and I didn't know that the pan could look so good (the polishing was masterful).  I am very pleased and will send the larger frying pan your way as soon as I can find a box big enough to pack it.  Many thanks!  
- Dan, Alexandria VA

Jul.'12  Hey Jim,  I received my copper cookware.  It's freakin' amazing! Brass is polished bright, copper has a mirror shine, and the tin has a nice consistent coat.  I'll definitely use your services again.
- Lydell, San Diego

Jul.'12  I can't believe it's the same pan...absolutely beautiful.  I'll have to re-configure wall-hanging space to show it off.  Thanks a million...
- Betsy, CA 

Jul.'12  Thank you so much for restoring my Legry covered saucepan.  It is just beautiful. You  are a wonder!
- Jane, WI

Jul.'12  I've just opened my newly retinned copper pan and it is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you!
- Jon, ME

Jun.'12  Received our beloved saute and.....and I can't believe you sent us the same pan!  Wow. 
Our great workhorse looks like a pristine new pan---after 20+ years of hard service, a poor retinning job, and finally damage at the hands of well-meaning friends. A wedding gift from a dear friend, it has special significance beyond its utility, so its prior condition was heartbreaking.
Stunning work.... The glowing reviews were spot on.  Please keep up the fine craftsmanship. Thank you,
- Nancy, NE

Jun. '12  Dear JIM et al -  We are stunned and delighted with the quality of your work on our pots.  Thank you so much for such excellent craft. The best way we can say thank you is to show off what you have done to our friends and colleagues.  May your enterprise continue to thrive!
- Todd... Boston, MA

May '12  Jim -  The pan is stunning.  I couldn't be happier with the quality of your work and the manner in which you tend to these pots. Your work reveals very, very clearly your love for the craft, the pots themselves, and the tradition from which they have come.  I am recommending you to everyone I know who has pots like these.  Thank you.
- Scott, VT

May '12  The pan arrived and it looks wonderful........ thanks for the great work and the quick, on-time turn around...........
- Frank, NJ

May '12  Perfect! Our big pot looks wonderful...Thank You!! 
- Nancy, San Diego

May '12  Jim -  Goods arrived today and I'm most impressed with the superb re- tinning done on some pretty battered copper pots. After your polishing cleaned the outside, they look new. Wonderful professional job and I will be most happy to recommend your services. Thanks again -
- Tom, Los Angeles, CA

May '12  I meant to let you know that my pot returned safely.  Wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the result and with your workmanship.
- Dianna, Maine

May '12  The pans look amazing, thank you.
- Topher, NY

May '12  Hello:  pans arrived! Glorious workmanship - these are true treasures.  Looking forward to using them over the weekend!
Linda, OR

May '12  Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my copper pots. I really thought they were lost forever. They are almost to perfect to use.  I have supplied your name and address to an email info group I belong to .....Once again, I am thrilled.
- Andy, PA

May '12  Hi Jim,  I received my beautiful pot and pan today. They look like new! I only wish I took a "before" picture - people won't believe they're the same ones. :) Thanks for the great work AND service.
- Eileen, MA

May '12  The pan arrived and is better than I could have dreamed!  Thank you so much,
- Susan, NJ

May '12  Re-tinned pots received today. Terrific stuff! Best regards and many thanks...
- Donald - Montreal, Canada

Apr.'12  Thanks Jim. I received my pan today.  It looks amazing!  I've had it retinned two times prior to this and this is the best it's ever looked!  I will recommend you whenever I can - you did a wonderful job.
- Maryellen, PA

Apr.'12  I just received the pair of copper pots you sent. I am very impressed, they look brand new. My infant's baby food will be reheated in style. Thanks a lot.
- Doug, San Francisco

Apr.'12  jim...once again, a total makeover on my pans...who would have thought it life to the old friends.....mucho mucho gracias !!!!   happy easter to all...
- Donna, VA

Apr.'12   Dear Jim, My pan arrived yesterday.  It is so beautiful I have been quite overwhelmed.  Just stunning...can't wait to use it.  Thank you ever so much for the fine workmanship.   Sincerely -
- Betsy, CA

Mar.'12  I just got my pots back and am absolutely blown away! Let me tell you those pots have been my primary cookware for over 25 years. They have been heavily used and abused sliding back and forth over a commercial stove with no thought to their well being, except that they cook well. My pots look as good as when I selected them off the shelf 25 years ago. What a wonderful job in recreating a first cooking love all over again…
- Jamie, RI

Mar.'12  I got the NEW pan Saturday--looks great  thank you. I will surely recommend your retimming service to others.
- Chet, VA

Mar.'12  I just received my copper pan this morning.  The pan and lid is just BEAUTIFUL!!!  I have several I need to have retinned and polished, but due to money restraints  I’ll have to do them one per month.  I can’t wait to get the whole set refinished.  Again, I can’t believe the beauty!!!!!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!!  Thank you!!!
- Penny, OH

Mar.'12  I just received my re-tinned pot and to say you did an amazing job would be an understatement.
It is just beautiful, even the copper handles are show stoppers!  Thank you so much, your workmanship is nothing short of incredible.  Now if only my cooking was worthy of my pot!
- Susan, CT

Mar.12  Greetings!  I received my risotto pan that you refined the other day, and it is GORGEOUS!   Thank you so much.  It's really like new.   I am so pleased with the restoration.   I will try to take better care of it now!
- Sue, CT

Mar.'12  Just returned from a few days in Canada and picked up our package from you at the post office--WOW--what a great job!  Thank you very much--I'm sure we'll have more business in the future for you and will be glad to refer friends to you.
- Julie, VT

Mar.'12  We received the pot which looks absolutely fabulous!  Thanks for your good work.
- Karen, WI

Mar.'12  I received the pots on Saturday and they are absolutley beautiful!!!  You did a wonderful job!!  I will definately recommend ECTinning to my friends.
- Lou, NC

Mar.'12  Its absolutely beautiful! I will be sending all my copper to you and let everyone I talk to about your great work. Thanks so much!!!
- Lori, NC

Feb.'12  The work you have done is magnificent!! These pots were hand made in France and have never looked better. Thank you so much for your craftsmanship!  All the best,
- Peter, NY

Feb. '12  We just recieved our Stock pot back from you.  I am stunned!  Its like brand new! 
- David, UT  

Feb.'12  I received [the retinned teapot] today... simply beautiful! Thank you
- David, FL 

Feb.'12  Just received our retinned pan, and it's beautiful.  It's almost too pretty to cook in, so we're hanging it on display in the kitchen until we feel ready to use it.  Great job!
- Frank, MN

Feb. '12  Beautiful work, Jim.  I received my Ruffoni Pot today, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you for the fine work.  It is so much more beautiful than I had envisioned, and all of the water spots are GONE!
It will be the hit of my bash.  Thanks again for getting it to me in time.
- Bill, MI

Feb. '12  my 2 pans just arrived and THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! thank you so much.. you have done such a good job... far beyond what i thought they would come back looking like.  i will recommend you to my friends who might have some old copper pots... you make them look like new!!
again many many thanks,
- jasmin, NC

Feb. '12 Very pleased with the retinning and polishing of two French copper pots (large saute pan and a sauce pan) which were given to us as wedding presents in 1984.  We had them retinned once or twice over the years and East Coast Tinning did the best job by far.  Worth packing up the items and shipping them to Rhode Island.  Attentive and professional service.
- Linda, Chicago, IL

Feb. '12 We received the pan yesterday. It looks amazing, thank you for the excellent service!
- Louis, NY

Feb. '12  It is a great day in Maple Grove with the delivery of my "new" retinned copper pots.  They look beautiful.  Can't wait to cook something delicious in them.  Many thanks for your wonderful work.
- Gregory, MN

Feb. '12 Thank you for all your hard and "beautiful" work.
- Linda, OK

Feb.'12  Wow - it is gorgeous - almost too good to use.  At least I know where to get [my copper pans] redone.  Thanks for a great job.
- Victoria, MD

Feb. '12  Jim,  I got the shipment today and the pots are splendid.  They are probably nicer
looking than when they were new.  Thanks for your professional service.
- Gary, CT

Jan.'12  Thank you. I am sure the stock-pot job will be first-class in every respect....
This is because today I received the large sauté pan and cover. Beyond looking like new, I note the apparent heavy application of tin to the lining and neat margins...
You are an old-school craftsman. Thank you again for such good work, promptly done. 
- Alan, NY

Jan.'12  WOW!!!! you are now on my hit parade. You all did a beautiful job!!! Thanks for your expertise and good work. Are you sure you don't want to take a crack at changing our other copper pans from aluminum lining to tin?
- Ed, VA

Jan.'12    Wow!!  I don't know whether we can still use anything that beautiful. It exceeds our expectations.
Thank you -
- Michael, CT

Jan.'12  Just picked up my re-tinned pot yesterday.  Excellent job and great service - am very impressed and satisfied with the result.  Will probably be sending you another pot in the next few weeks.
- Don, MA

Jan.'12 Great!  Fabulous!!  You're a genius!!!  Our copper pots have never looked better!!!!  We'll certainly use you for all our retinning needs, and will recommend you to our friends.
- Carleton, NY

Jan.'12 - Copper pots made it here safe and sound.
They look wonderful and we look forward to using them.  Thanks again and look forward to future business with you.
- Graham, Canada

Jan.'12 'Jim    I just received my pan it is GORGEOUS!  I am so VERY HAPPY.  Thank you once again - all the best.
- Nancy, NJ

Jan.'12  Hey Jim -- just wanted to let you know that I got my saucepan and it is gorgeous! You guys do wonderful work. I thought the pan was a goner, but you sure brought it back to life. 
- Alison, ME

Jan. '12 Thanks for the nice job.  I gave my wife her old pans for Christmas.  They had been sitting around for years unused and unusable.  When she opened the box she had a perplexed look on her face and then she said "are these mine?".....
- Ken, FL

Dec.'11  Dear Jim, The package [of copper pans] arrived on Saturday, and I just unpacked it this morning.  Everything is a triumph!  Just beautifully done - Thank you so much.
- Shelley, NY

Dec.'11  thanks, another wonderful job... and the best part, all the old pots were given to me for free, and now they all must be worth a thousand dollars or more, ... double thanks to the universe, gift of the pots and give of your talent!
cheers, will look for more now in garage sales...
- Tricia, CA

Nov.'11  The box was delivered yesterday. Thanks for tinning and polishing the copper.  They look great! Even better, great to use.  You do great work and I am happy to have found you. My wife and I enjoy cooking with copper again. 
- Ronald, MD

Nov.'11  Thank you for being in the business you're in.
- Vivian, Baltimore

Nov.'11  The copper pans are beautiful. Thanks!
- Tim, San Francisco

Nov.'11 Thanks for a very nice job and turnaround.
- Paul, NYC

Nov.'11  Hi,  I wanted to thank you for the great job retinning and polishing my three pans.  I had purchased two of them used and was concerned their previous rough treatment would limit how  much you could do but all three look new.  The new tin looks great and the cleaning and polishing could not have been better.  Thanks again.  Cheers -
- Tom, MD

Nov.'11 Got the pan -- it's FABULOUS!!! Thank you, thank you for saving the life of my husband's favorite copper pan! You are our go-to guy from now on.
- Patricia, IN

Oct.'11  Beyond an Endorsement -- I just received a check in the mail for $40, I obviously over paid, as I calculated the measurements,  I receive an amazing service and love my repairs -- but more than that, I found a company with integrity, and honesty beyond what others would have turned a blind eye to... thank you.....(I have more orders for you too) 
- Tricia, CA

Oct.'11  Jim -- The pot is beautiful and my son loved it.  Thank you for doing such fine work and for your quick turnaround.  (And for holding my hand through the whole thing!)
- Darilyn, NY

Sep.'11  My pot arrived with a banged up box but the pot is A-OK.  In fact everyone is drooling at how beautiful it looks and how fast your service was!!  Thank you for such a beautiful job.  I can hardly wait to cook in it again and continue our 42 year relationship that I had left undone for 10 years while thinking I could not afford and/or find someone to do my retinning, could I trust sending it off to someone?  Thank you for your encouragement that you would take care of our treasure.....and you did!!
- Lyndamae, NC

Sep.'11  Jim - I have been meaning to write you regarding my copper pots you refurbished.  All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU.  I  had the pots re-tinned before and was not please with the work.  I can truly say - I am sending you all my pots in the future.  Keep up the wonderful work.  Your craftsmenship is excellent.  Thank you again.
- Linda, OK

Aug'11  I just received my pitcher back today and I 
L-O-V-E it.  Thank you so much for making it better than new and a thousand times more functional!
- Lara, WA

Aug '11  My little pan and lid look great--let me know if I can ever sell you some stainless steel tubing--I'll try to give you as good customer service as you gave me!
- Cathleen, NC

Aug'11  Just a quick email to thank you for doing such a splendid job retinning our oval copper pot. Didn't know it could look that good.  We are impressed and will be sending you some other pots soon.
- Lito, CO

Aug'11  I just received my re-tinned items and wanted to thank you for the great job.....  The pots made it here just in time to prepare one last big meal before Irene hits!   Thanks again, 
- Greg, NY

Aug'11  Just received my oval baker. OMG!!!!! it's gorgeous. you did an amazing job of making it new again. I'm almost reluctant to use it and make it dirty. but at least now I have you to always make it look great. Thanks sooo much, Jim. It was more than I dreamed. again, get to the beach and drink a beer before summer leaves... 
- Jill, CO

Aug'11   I got our pans today and they look really great! what apleasure to have then both done and usable.  I would like to send you the 2 more in the set, which are larger and in borderline condition. I will mail them on monday.
- Abigail, RI

Aug'11  The pans arrived yesterday and are gleaming on the cooktop. We think they're better than new.
Many thanks,
- Fronia, VT

Aug'11 It arrived last night! Beautiful job, thank you!
- Nikki, TX

Aug.11  Thanks much. You run a hell of a good outfit there...
- Edward, MA

Jul'11  Jim, we did receive the pan and I have to say that all of those comments on your website were wrong, the job you did was MUCH better than what they described!!  We're very impressed!!  The pan was one that my wife got a few years ago, used from a restaurant supply and she loves the pan, unfortunately her tenant used it and put a gouge in it; she was heartbroken and said throw it out, there's nothing that can be done.  Fortunately I did not listen and I checked on Google and found you folks.  Needless to say she was quite surprised when it came back looking factory new!
- Mike, MA

Jul'11  The pot just arrived. Wow! What a transition! It's just stunning. You do beautiful work and the results are much better than I could have ever imagined. I really appreciate all the effort you put into this.
- Stan, FL

Jun '11  Jim,  It's beautiful!  Just like the day we bought it at Dehillerin!  We can't quite believe it & immediately put a chickpea & ditalini soup in it for lunch.  Thanks so much.  Expect a saute pan soon.  Thanks again!
- David , NH

May '11  Just a quick note to let you know that the pan arrived this afternoon--and to add my two cents to your growing list of satisfied customers.  Beautiful job--adding the initials turned it from a pan to an heirloom.  It's always nice to expect good work and then to get it!  Many thanks,
- Noah, IL

May '11  My copper "babies" arrived home safe and sound and look great; can't wait to put them to work.  Thanks so much for your good work and professional approach to the whole process.
- Bonnie, FL

Apr. '11 Hi Jim,  I just want to say thanks again. You do really great work. I'll send you some more soon. Let me know if you're planning a trip up here. I'll make sure I save a table for you.
- Jason Bond
  Bondir Restaurant

Apr, '11  Hi Jim:  My two vintage copper pans arrived today. Quality of work was excellent. I’m sure they look exactly the same way as they first did when they arrived in the hands of a French chef in Paris many years ago.  Best Regards -
- Nicholas, CA

Apr. ''11  Gentlemen, when I opened the return box with my recently relined copper pot I thought it was a brand new pot, it exactly like the pot when I originally purchased it, some thirty years ago. You do a great job, thanks so much.
- Bruce, FL

Mar. '11  To Whom It May Concern:
I used your company in September 2010 to retin some pots and at the same time, I sent additional pots to another company in NY.  I got my pots retinned from your company with a very quick turn around and EXCELLENT product plus great customer service!  My pots looked brand new and the price was really good.  THANK YOU!
It is now MARCH 2011 and I still have yet to receive my pots from the other company.  I wish I had sent all my pots to your company!  Thanks for the great service.   I will be using you in the future from now on!  Thanks again.
- Lou, AL

Mar. '11  When I picked up the now once again beautiful sauté pan from you this morning, I failed to mention the equally professional job of imprinting my initials on the side of the pot. They are first rate and the pan now sits prominently (and proudly), once again, on my stove. There will be others from among my collection dating from the days I lived in Paris (1965-68) and shopped regularly at Dehillerin.  I wish to thank you again for your excellent work. With appreciation -
- Charles, RI

Mar. '11  Wonderful results!  A brief message to say thanks for the wonderful job on our two pots!  Marvelous!   The box that went back and forth between us will be saved and used again several times before we’ve had all our needs fulfilled.  So be on the alert....
- Steve, MA

Feb. '11  I received my copper stock pot that you relined and I am extremely pleased with the results.  Thank you so much.  Sometime in March I hope to get my act together and send a couple of sauce pans to you for relining.  Thanks for the great work.
- Terry, ME

Feb. '11  Thank you for the absolutely beautiful work on the retinning! My husband did comment that they looked nice for "display", but I quickly reminded him that they are to cook in. Call us if you ever visit Seattle! Sur la Table at Pike Place Market is a nice destination!
- Louise, WA

Feb.'11  Thanks.  Received the pan and it looks great!  Showed some of the neighbors and told them it was possible to salvage an old pot or two.  They were impressed. 
- Monika, CA

Jan. '11  The 3 pans are beautiful!!! I am so pleased.  I think the pans have been half way around the world by now!  You will be hearing from me again.  I will wish you warm weather.  It is  66 degrees here today!
- Linda, OR

Jan.'11  Hi Jim - I just received my pans. My wife says they are too beautiful to cook in, but I'm the cook and they are mine. I had these tinned once before and your work is greatly superior to the previous job. I will follow your tips about heat and searing.  Thanks very much.
- Paul, MA

Jan.'11  Just picked up my pan from the post office. Stunned about how attractive it looks. Better, indeed, than when we first got it several years ago.  I put it on the stove and waited for my wife to come into the kitchen this morning. She was nearly transfixed admiring it.  I note with pleasure that you were able to bump out the little dimple in the cover. Just splendid.  Thanks for a great job.  
- David, IL

Jan. '11 - I just got my pot back and it is beautiful. Service was great, 2 weeks. my last experience with a competitor in ny was dismal, wore off in less than a year and took 4 months.  Thank you.   
- Tom, VA

Jan. '11  Just got the pots a few days ago, and have been cooking with them ever since.  They're gorgeous and they cook great -- I'm so glad I had them done...
Thanks again, really, they look great.
- Paul, IN

Jan. '11 -  Jim, Once again you did an amazing job of restoring our favorite cooking vessel!!  And now the question is "what do you recommend we use to keep it looking so good"?  (inside?  outside?) --apart from not burning anything in it.  Thanks from a very happy customer!
- Ken, NY

Jan. '11  I just want to thank you for the great job of retinning you did on our three smaller pots--much appreciated and ecstatically received!  I have three more, larger ones I will send to you as soon as our fiscal well fills up again...
- Conrad, MA

Jan. '11 Got the pot back and it is awesome. I've got a metalsmith I work with here in NY that said that he is looking for someone like you. I'll give him your contact info so he can pass it on to his customers.  When I get time, I'll pack up a 7 piece set of smaller pots and send them in.  Many thanks. Always a pleasure to deal with a real craftsman.
- Gus, NY

Dec '10  Merry Christmas!  Our order arrived this morning.    My husband is so excited to receive the pans and can't wait to use them as he starts preparing Christmas dinner. Many thanks for a great job.​
- Michele, PA

Dec '10   Just received my re-tinned & polished French sauté pan in today's mail.  Wow!!!  It is beautiful.  Thanks for the very professional work.Happy holidays.- Marisa, OR

Dec '10  Thanks for meeting me to drop off the pots.  they look great, however, I didn't want to look at them too much because I want to surprise myself for Christmas....- Nancy, CT

Dec '10  My pots just arrived and they are absolutely beautiful.  The inside looks great and I look forward to cooking with them....  They were polished pefectly.   THANK YOU SO MUCH - AND YOU WILL HAVE MY VERY BEST RECOMMENDATION.- Teresa, VA

Dec '10  Great job on the two pans!  They are lovely.
- Jack, FL

Nov 10.  Thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job. We use this little pan everyday now.
- Megan, WA

Nov 10.  Jim, we received our pots today. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much for your very professional service. We picked these pots up at a flea market. This the second batch you have done for us and each time we are so excited to get the pots. We are curious to know what you can tell us about the pots we just got back. We sent three pots, two of which are stamped "Gaillard Paris".
- Deborah, PA

Oct 10.  Wow!  Just picked up the pan. What an incredible job!  I am so impressed. The auction house from whom I purchased it were shocked that I actually wanted to use it. I hope to add another 100 years!    Thank you so very much.
- William, CA

Oct 10.   WOW!!  I can't believe it is the same pan.  I swear to God I just looked at it for two days. It never cooked this well. It's virtually non-stick, too. It is so nice to work with talented people that take pride in their craftsmanship: kudos all around! Thanks, folks, for a job well done!
- Duff, Puerto Rico

Oct 10.  Thank you for a beautiful job of retinning our pots and pans!!
- Viola, NJ

Sep 10.  Jim - All we can say is "Wow".  East Coast did an incredible job restoring the copper pots and pans.  Thanks for your good work.
- Chris, MA

Aug 10.  Jim -  My pans just arrived today (one day after being shipped!!) and they are beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I'm so pleased with how well you were able to restore both pieces.  The sauce pan was in such bad shape that my fiancee almost suggested we give it up for scrap; something I could not do as it belonged to my late aunt, and is one of the few things I have of hers.  I can't believe the magic you performed on this, admittedly medium quality, pan that means so much to me.  You clearly took as much care and time with this little pan as you do with the best quality cookware you have for sale.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much.  Now have I have to cook something, ANYTHING!  Just to try them out!  Sincerely and with ultimate gratitude -
- Astrid, MA

Aug 10. Wow, you all breathed new life into our favorite cooking vessel!  I’m almost afraid to use it but when it turns cool outside…really who can resist goat cheese polenta or crème brulee…!!!  Thank you all for a superb job!!
Frank, PA

Aug.10  I want to say I received my cookware yesterday and they were fantastic. They were like new and looked unbelievable. The tin is very thick and will last a long time. They are so perfect and the copper is so shiny I hesitate to use them.  Kidding... Very speedy turn-a-round and great communications.  Thanks so much for providing such a great job and service.  Could not be more satisfied!
- Marc,  KS

Aug.10 Just received the pan. It's great--thank you very much.  Potatoes Dauphinois tonight!
- Karleen, Canada

Jun.10  Awesome job.   Thank You.  My biggest challenge is reminding my lady friend to not use metal objects.  I am not crazy but these pans are so good.
- Dan, WI

Jun.10  I just returned from Paris and found the pots you shined up and tinned.  They are FABULOUS.  Understand these have been in our family for years, maybe more than 150 years!  I plan on sending up one more batch of pots. I love your work!
- David, PA

May.10   Wow!  I picked up my pots this morning and they are gorgeous!  Thank you so very much for "breathing new life" into my pots and pans.  They are now ready for another round of marvelous dishes which I will enjoy creating thanks to you!  I will recommend your retinning service highly to those in my circle who are in need.  Thank you again!
- Keith, GA

Apr.10  Jim - My pans arrived two days ago.  Thank you for such a speedy delivery.  I believe my heart was racing as I unpacked the box.  I admit I knew nothing about your business and , therefore, didn't know where I was sending my pans off to but, the positive comments from many of your customers on your web site gave me some sense of security.  Was I ever stunned when I saw these two pans!  Truly, you are a Master at your craft!  I want to thank you for giving them renewed life and beauty.  There will be no hesitation in the future sending my pans out for retinning.  I'll keep your business card on hand since I know I'll contact you again.  Most sincerely -
- Diana, CT

Mar.10  Wow….great retinning job. The pot and lids are truly amazing. I have had them retinned in the past but your work is superior,  top notch. Also, even though I was not looking for a fast turnaround you delivered on that too. I’ll be back with more retinning work for you in the future.
- Michael, MA

Mar.10  Jim, You have outdone yourself.  They are almost too pretty to cook in!  But I can't wait.  Thank you!
- Holly, CA

Feb.10 Your retinning work is superb!  I am so glad I chose to resuscitate my copper pots with you.  I was actually thinking of getting a new set of AllClads…but your work has created a much better and more beautiful set of pots  for me at my new apartment.    I was also wondering if choosing your retinning off the internet would work…and  you exceeded my expectations.  Keep up the great work!
- Eileen, IL

Feb.10 My pans arrived safely and they look beautiful! Thank you so much for the great work. They were a present to my daughter who coretinning uld not believe they were the same two pans. I left your card with her so that when she needs a retinning she will know where to go!
- Kay, KY

Feb.10  Jim, The pot arrived today. Absolutely gorgeous! I hate to start using it.  Thanks!
- Ann, NC

Feb.10 Jim, Pots arrived all safe and absolutely gorgeous.  In the 25 years I have these pots I've had them retinned 3x.  Yours was absolutely the
best job.  (Darn, now I wish I'd have sent in the lids!  They didn't need tinning, but they look sad next to your beautiful polish job.)
Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL retinning work!
- Holly, CA

Feb.10  They just arrived -- and look great!  
Thanks so much!
- Sarah, NC

Jan.10  I got my stock pot back last night and I could not be happier.  As good as it looks and as much as I would like it to remain in the pristine condition you've restored it to - it is already on the stove with a simmering pot of chicken stock working.  When more of my items require retinning I will certainly think of you first.
- Tom, CT

Jan.10 I got my old copper saucepan back and its better than new; you did an absolutely fantastic retinning job. I will definitely be sending additional items your way.  Thanks again.
- Micahel, NY

Jan.10  Jim they look great, I don't think he'll be able to resist them. You are an artisan sir!  Job well done, don't forget to slide in some of your business cards with the pan, I know a few people in need of your retinning services. Talk to you soon.
- Gwyn, CA

Dec.09 Dearest Jim -  Forgive me for not writing earlier.  I received my fish poacher and it is truly a beautiful retinning job.  It looks better than new!!  The only problem is that the work was so magnificent that I don’t want to use it.  It now looks so beautiful on the shelf.  Thank you so much for the amazing work you do and the prompt service.  I am clear that - had I sent to the other so-called “famous” re-tinner here, I would be still waiting!  Thanks again and best personal regards -
- Tonessa, NY

Dec.09 My saucepan and rondeau just came back and look utterly stunning. Thank you for your beautiful and prompt work.  We are moving next month but when we get settled, I look forward to sending several more of my copper pots in need of your retinning touch!  Have a very happy new year.
- Cathy, GA

Oct. 09  The pan arrived today and it is beautiful.  It has never looked so good even when it was brand new.  Great job!  I used it tonight for dinner and it  performed exquisitely.  The next pan will be on its way to you tomorrow, so you should see it by week's end. This pan is the one I use the most and is in worse condition than the first; I can't wait to see it anew.  Thanks again.
- David, NH 

Oct.09  The pots arrived and they are beautiful! We sent 7 more, which is all of them....
- Mary, CA

Aug.09  From all the comments I read on your website, I expected my pots to come back nice and reflecting a job well done.... but never like this!
They look so gorgeous, I don't want to use them!!
I tell you, I'm stunned at the artistry with which you've transformed my sauce pans from common and dull pieces to museum treasures.
Have no doubt I'll tell everyone who needs retinning services to contact you, as the quality of your work is superlative.  Thanks so much!
- Manny, TX

Aug.09  My soup pot arrived today.  It looks beautfiul - just like new!  Now I can't wait for the cool autumn weather to arrive so I can make soup :-) 
- Barb, NY

Jul.09  I just got the stockpot and I'm so excited.  I didn't think your were going to be able to fix it and it is perfect.  Thank you so much.  It is absolutely beautiful and arrived in perfect shape.  I am referring you to absolutely everybody I can think of !!
- Ann, OR

Jul.09  I just received the three pots.   It is unbelieveably beautiful what you've done with them. Thank thank you! I don't have words to descrivbe how beautiful they are.  Soon I will send you some more pots for retinning.
-Othelia - chef, CT

Jul.09  My boxes just came and everything  absolutely looks fabulous.  I am so pleased especially that big pot - I almost cried when I opened it up.  You are an artist and I so appreciate your work!
- Ruthann, WA

Jun.09  I've received the most beautiful copper pot that I'm sure didn't look that good when I bought it new!  Thank you, it is gorgeous.  I will be sending another large pot very soon.  
- Sandy, NM

Jun.09  My skillet and saute pan arrived this afternoon in perfect condition.  You do beautiful work. Will pack up two more to send you over the next few days.
- Mike, CT

May.09  Sorry this has taken so long to write.  The pans look terrific.  I wouldn't have imagined they would look so perfect.  Great job.
- Ed, MD

Apr.09  The saucepan you cleaned & repaired for me is spectacular!!!  Thanks so much.  I will call on you for help anytime my copper needs ministration.  Cheers.
- Seth, Canada

Apr.09  Got the pot.  Very, very nice retinningwork!  Thank you.  The mark turned out to be Benham.   I contacted <>  as you suggested and got the answer.  They asked me about my re-tinning vendor and I enthusiastically recommended you by name and sent them the link to your website.
I'm looking to send some others to you.
- Jeff, VA

Mar.09  I want to thank you for the great job on the small pan.  It looks great.  Are you sure you didn't run out and buy me a new one?  Thank you! 
- Louis, NH

Feb.09   The stock pot arrived today in perfect condition.  Wow – it looks even better than it did when we bought it!  I will tell the stores near me that sell copper pots about you. None of them seemed to know anything about retinning, even though they sell tin lined pans.
- June, CA

Jan.09 Just got my pots back......all I can say is incredible. What a beautiful job you did on these old beauties. I am so happy. I am passing your name to my copper friends as well. I will also be sending the next batch in a week or so.
- Peter, NY

Jan.09  Dear ECT,  My pan arrived this snowy Saturday.  Its absence made it clear to me just how much I use this fabulous utensil!  But what a transformation!!! Thanks so much for your fine workmanship...Happy New Year!
- Eva, NY

Jan.09  We just received out pot and were really impressed with the beauty of the restoration.  My wife says I can't cook with it now- just look at it.  Thanks!  - - Jim, NC

Jan.09  The Belgian brass set arrived today. It's fabulous!! These have been sitting unused in a cabinet for over 15 years!  Thanks so much.  Truly amazing retinning work......I'll spread the word about your great work  to everyone I know -- and will send you some other items by and by.  Happy new year!  I'm a very happy customer. 
- Daphne, MA

Dec.08  It was here yesterday and it looks beautiful. thanks so much and happy holidays 
- Joyce, FL

Dec.08  Just to let you know I received my pot in yesterday.  WOW it looks like new.  Thank you for all the wonderful work.  ALSO I found another pot I need to send but will not send until after the new year.  Thank you again and Happy Holidays.
- Jane,  NY

Nov.08  Thanks for the news. Looking forward to receiving the kettle. Your work is always fantastic. - - - Ben, MN 

Nov.08  Absolutely phonomenal job!  Thank you.
- Pete, NJ

Nov.08  I received my pot on Friday, and could not have been more pleased! Pot is gorgeous, and a dream to use....Thank you very much for doing such a terrific job bringing the pot back to life – and for getting it back to me so quickly.
- Lori, MA

Oct.08  I received my pot today and all I can say is that YOU ROCK! It is absolutely gorgeous and looks better than new. I will pass your web address on to all my foodie friends and send the rest of my pans as I can afford it ;)
- Cheryl, MA

Sep.08 The pot arrived yesterday and it's fabulous!  It instantly became my all-time favorite cooking implement.  You did a miraculous retinning job.  I look forward to sending you more pots in the future...
- David, MA

Sep.08  I was thrilled by the work you did on the copper pans we sent down. I bought them as a ham at copper fair in Paris, sixty years ago. But they never in the time since looked so dazzling!
- Arthur, NYC

Sep.08  ...are you sure that you sent me the correct pot....this can't possibly be the pot and top that I sent you....what a are truly miracle workers...
- Donna, VA

Sep.08  Thank you, for your beautiful work on my little saucepan. I've had it for 14 years and it gets used almost daily. I love my little pan, and I love the beautiful tinning craftsmanship inside. It looks better than new!
- Pat, CA

Jul.08  You did a fabulous job with my two bent pots. Domestic harmony is restored. Thank you for the incredibly swift turn around.
- Susan, MA

Jul.08  Thanks, Jim, for your master craftsmanship. I have had pans retinned before and by far this is the best I have experienced. 
Since I picked up my big saute and two gratin pans last week, I have not allowed anyone to touch them or put them away. They sit on the kitchen counter glowing with pride and elegance.  Tonight I broke in the big saute pan.  Of course, the tinning is beautiful, and though it may be my imagination, the pan seemed to cook better.  I have not even thought about using the Mutual roasting pan I bought from you. I want to enjoy it a bit more before I break it in.
- Tom, MA

Jul.08   My pots arrived yesterday and I'd like to thank you so much!  They look great.   I am very appreciative of your work.  They really needed help.
-  Sue, FL

Jun.08  Just calling to let you know we received our pots today and oh my god our mouths are still hanging open from amazement.  You did such a spectacular job and we thank you so much.  They look like brand new - just beautiful.  I can't get over how different they look.   We are very pleased and will be recommending you!  Thanks again.
- Linda, NJ

May.08  We received the pots you re-tinned for us.  FANTASTIC!  Your retinning work is superbly done and the results were well worth the wait.  The pots look so good that we're hesitant to use them.  We know we'll have plenty of inquiries about who and where;  we will gladly provide your name to all those who will certainly admire your work.  Thank you for giving us an heirloom to pass along.
- Evelyn, NJ

May.08  Super, Super, Super. “New pans for Old” Thank you for a very professional service and for the great job you did restoring our two pieces of copperware. We look forward to sending you some more of our collection.
- Christopher, MI

May.08  So impressed was I by the work done on my paella pan that I've decided to trust you with my great grandmother's!!  It was passed down through the family and now needs a face lift.  Treat her gently!
- Vinnie, NY

May.08   Jim- We got our pots today.  I just really wanted to thank you because you did an absolutely astounding job on them and we are overwhelming pleased with what you did.  I wanted to let you know because so often you hear about the complaints but you don't hear from the happy people.  I know how that is because I'm in in retail.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with everything.  Thanks.
- Dan, MA

Apr.08  I just got my copper pot back and am blown away, you did such a fabulous job! Thanks for such a wonderful job and also for taking out the bend. More on the way.
- Irene, NH

Apr.08  I've been remiss in acknowledging, in a timely manner, receipt of the two casseroles and letting you know how delighted I am with their refurbishing.  They look so beautiful that all the other copper in the house looks a bit sad... But I look forward to using them, now that the interiors are food safe.
- Simone, MA

Apr.08   Claude and I are so pleased with the work you did on our copper. Thank you for meeting us yesterday.  I have 3 more "big rivet" pots for you...
- Cheri, CT

Apr.08  Unbelievable! Looks better than it did new. Thanks.
- Brian, NC

Mar.08 My wife says the pan is so handsome that she is reluctant to use it.  Thank you!
- Judah, MA

Mar.08  I sent you a pot for re-tinning and it is just beautiful, thank you so much!  We wondered if you recommend any particular brand or method for keeping the copper polished.  It looks so great we want to keep it that way.
- Gail, NJ

Feb.08  Thanks. Got them.  Look spectacular.
It will take me some time before I can bear to cook in them!!!!  Will send more.... 
- Matthew, NY

Feb.08  Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the fabulous job you did on my sauté pan. I keep looking at my others hoping to see some copper showing so I'll have an excuse to send them to you.  Thanks.
- Hans, MA

Feb.08  That sure was fast...
- Matthew, NYC

Feb.08  The teapot arrived yesterday just as you said it would.  I could hardly wait to give it to my husband and see his reaction this a.m.  He couldn't believe it and was all smiles...  You did such a wonderful job, it's beautiful.  You truly have a gift, thanks for sharing it.
- Karen, CA

Feb.08  The pans arrived safely.  They look fantastic - and  are now ready for the next generation.  Thank you.
- Marie, CA

Feb.08  The paella pan has arrived.  It's beautiful!  So glad I found you on the web...
- Maureen, California

Jan.08  Received the re-tinned pans today, and they look great.  Can you recommend how the interiors of the pans should be cleaned of burned on food?  The original tin was worn off when I used a Scotch Brite pad.
- Steve, NY
(ed.  note - simmering with water and dish detergent will loosen cooked-on food enough so that hard scrubbing is not necessary.  Try it!)

Jan.08  Thank you for the great service, I will definitely reflect in the feedback...and I have more pans to do.
-Julie, CO

Jan.08  My pot just arrived today and I am very impressed with your work!  I have alot more copper but none of it needs tinning right now.  By the way, what to you use to polish the copper?  Wow...
-Philip, MA

Nov. 07  How did you do this?  What did you use?  The pan that you tinned makes all my other pots pale in comparison!  I'll be sending  more soon.  Thank you.
-Elsie, PA

Oct.07 Just got my pot back in the mail and it looks great.  Thank you for your good and timely work!         I'll be passing your name along, and sending you more as soon as I can take the time.  Again, many thanks.
-Maura, NY

Sep.07 I just got my pot back from you.  Beautiful work!  I must have about 30 different pots that need your help.  Expect another one next week.
- Tiffany, NJ

Sep. 07  We are very pleased with the sauce pan you just returned to us.  Enclosed is a larger pan needing your good work.  We have more, but one at a time.
- Roger, PA

Sep.07  It just arrived and it looks like new! You're a miracle worker. I am sending you a hammered copper stock pot today.
- Elizabeth, MA

Aug.07  I got my pan back yesterday - it was waiting for me at my office when I got there.   It looks wonderful.  A couple of people in my office had seen the pan before I sent it and they were all amazed at the difference.  
I'll be sending you more work!
- Susan, CA

Jul.07   I received the pans you did already--they look spectacular!  I am most impressed especially when I compare them to the ones someone else did.   Thanks so much for the effort and your fine workmanship.  I  will happily tout your services if I hear of anyone else with re-tinning needs.
- Mary, MI

Jun.07  Your work on tinning and polishing look great!  The only problem is that the pan doesn't sit flat on the stove so I appreciate you flattening the bottom.  It is a pleasure doing business with your company because you have integrity and stand behind your workmanship.
- Julia, VA

Jun.07  Wow!  That was fast!
- Arnold, IL

May.07  This is the best refurbishing job my pots have ever gotten!!  I'm sending you nine more later this week. I'll send a picture of them all hanging in the kitchen - they look incredible!  Thank you.
- Richard, VT

Feb.07  Very nice job on the Paella pan!  I'll be sending more shortly. 
- Paul, CA    

Nov.06 Got the pot - you did a great job and got it here in time. You are my hero. I will be happy to send you your much deserved check. Thank you so very much. 
- Linda, MS

Aug.06 Your two week return policy is impressive. Everyone else was telling me two to three months so I could hardly believe it when my pans arrived today. They look great! 
- Joyce, CA

Jul.06 Received the first 2 pots. You did a fabulous job. I have already used them. Please let me know where you are on the other four. Thank you. 
- Kathleen, CO

Before retinning
After retinning
Before retinning
After retinning

Retinning Copper Cookware