A TREASURE!!  Despite the age of this pan it is in near perfect shape.  The four rivets give this monster some terrific personality.  This is a must have!

Vintage Copper Collectibles - For Sale

Found in various stages of "retirement", these vintage copper cookware classics have been completely restored:  retinned & polished  - and are ready to return to service!

Copper sauce pan
7" x 4" tall
 2mm thick
5 lbs.

This is a beautiful heavy sauce pan.  The mark on this pan is a kings crown over a capital "M".   See the pictures for this image. I've not seen this before.  The pan was acquired from an estate near Philadelphia.

This older pan has alot of character.

silver set
6 pcs
3" x 1.25" tall
 1mm thick
5oz. each

This is a set of 6 small, gorgeous dessert pots from Lagco-NY.  They are lined with sterling silver - not tin. Beautiful set in excellent shape!  As they are not tin lined I am selling them "as is".


Duparquet saute

10" x 2.5" tall
 1.5mm thick
6 lbs.

What a pan!  A great size to use everyday - not too big, not too small...  Tons of character - check out those rivets!

18th century
Beautiful stock pot
10" x 7" tall
 1mm thick
9 lbs.

heavy large saucepan
8.25" x 5.5" tall
 1.5mm thick
5 lbs.

D.H.&M. Co. 
Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse Co. went bankrupt January 17th, 1936 - the middle of the last great depression...

7.25" x 2.5" tall
 3mm thick
5 lbs.

For those of you who know Gaillard copper, you know this one is tops.  The thickest copper you'll ever find and a perfect, smooth iron handle.  This one will go fast.....
Stock with lid
6.5" x 3" tall
 1.5mm thick
2.5 lbs.

E. Dehillerin 
 This little beauty is in perfect shape.  




A beautiful set of six pieces with matching lids.  There are no marks but a handle shape that is distinctly English.  The diameters are: 10.25", 9.5" 8.75", 8",  7", 6.5".  The shape and feel of the handles are outstanding.
Six sauce pans
with lids
from 6.5"  to 10.25" 
1.5 mm thick




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M&D lid

13" Diameter
(12" Inner Dia.)

Lids? - are you looking for lids? 
Here is a VERY nice set of 2 lids marked M&D - 30 Greene St. - NY.   Iron handles - newly tinned and polished

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Retinning Copper Cookware


small copper
frying pan
6" x  1 .75" tall
 1.5mm thick
1.25 lb.


DH&M Sauce

11.25" x 7.5" tall

  11.75 lbs.
Yes.....this is a "monsterously" handsome DH&M sauce pan.  Full of battle scars, this beauty proudly starts her second century of service.

Retinned & polished.

Barth & Co.
Saute pan

12" x 2.5" tall
4.3 lbs


​Now - this is a nice old piece.  An old repair was done around the handle.  It doesn't look perfect but it's quite serviceable and a unique shape.

A good price for this sized piece.

Retinned and polished.

Early 20th century American sauce

8.25" x 5.5" tall

This is an unnamed piece of American copper.  The rivets and handle both say "early 20th C. American", but it has no makers mark. This pan has a ton of real world character

Tinned and polished...  and ready for another 100 years!

Large sauce
Bramhall & Deane Co.

10.5" x  7.5" tall
11 lbs.

​This is a fine example of a large Bramhall & Deane sauce in great shape.  Easily 90-100 yrs old.  Clear stamp, great rivets, clean retinning.   This is a winner on any range...


Medium stock w/lid

9.5" x  10" tall

  7.3 lbs. 

Good size stock pot in excellent shape.

Retinned and polished.
for the set

Six matching 
round au gratins

5" x  1.25"tall


Nice set of six small round au gratin pieces for service.  JC Berruet - probably went to the table at the Chanticleer....

Wedding present?

Retinned & polished.
"Au Pot Au Feu"
8" x  4.125" tall
 1.5mm thick
            6.0 lbs.      CY6

Medium sauce NO LID.




5.5" x  2.75"tall
1.5mm thick


​Nice small sauce pan with a brass handle.  Stamped "14".

Large Saute

12.25" x 3.5" tall

11.3 lbs
​Large sauté pan with a ton of character.  This pan has seen years of hard use and has still looks great.  Thick copper and oversized rivets.

This piece could easily swallow a family-sized meal.

Retinned & polished.

Au Gratin Oval
single handle

12" x 1.5" tall
2.3 lbs

Solid oval with a unique single handle.

Retinned & polished.

Round au Gratin

10" x  1.75" tall



Steel-lined round
au gratin

8.5" x 1.25" tall
2 lbs  2mm
​Another piece from Jean Charles Berruet of the Nantucket Chanticleer.   Dehillerin - like many in his collection.   This one has nice thick copper and is steel lined.


Tarte Tatin

9.5" x 1.5"
2.3 lbs

Tarte tatin.  Pie.  Quiche.

Here's Martha's recipe:


 Dehillerin Stock

11.25 x 6" tall
12.8 lbs 

Berruet of Nantucket.

Check out our NEW Duparquet, American-made
copper cookware at:

Set of six small sautes

6.5" x 2 "tall
1.1 lbs.


Oval braiser/sauce
with lid

9" x 7" x 4.5" tall

Interesting old dovetailed piece.  It is in the shape of an oval braising pot but has a straight handle.  Usually the shape (with lid) would go to the oven.  I suppose this one could as well, even with the "sauce pan" handle"
Retinned & polished.

Hammered Saute

12.5"dia x 3.75" tall
Nice large hammered saute with a lid.

Excellent quality piece!

Retinned & polished.

Oval au Gratin
w/domed lid

20.5"  x 2" tall

​From the Knickerbocker club on 5th Avenue in NYC.... stamped "K.C."

An incredible presentation piece with the domed lid.

Completely retinned and polished.

Medium Sauce

7.25" x  3.5"tall
1.2mm  2.75lbs


​Nice medium sized sauce pan with brass handle.

Retinned & polished.


more on the way!
Are you looking for a specific shape?  size?

Let me know!

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A nice set of six sauté pans from the collection of Chef Jean Charles Berruet of the Chanticleer on Nantucket.  I suspect that these were a few the line sauté pans in his kitchen.

Want 2 or 4?  No problem.
Paella pan
Stainless steel lined

15" dia x 2" tall



Low oval roaster
"400 West Broadway"

13" x 8" x 1" tall
2 lbs


Fry pan

8.25" x 1.25"tall

Set of two identical medium fry pans.  Rolled top edge.  Buy one or both....

Retinned and polished.

Pie Pan

9.25" x  2" tall




 1.2mm   3.5 lbs.

Everyday go to sauté...

Retinned & polished.
$was 450

Large Sauce

9.5" dia. x  5" tall

Large sauce pan with a nice iron handle.  Lots of character - hammered finish.  No stamps.

Retinned and polished.​

was $650

Stock Pot
stamped "TG 89"

9.25" x  6.25" tall
​Incredibly unique stock pot.  Loopy iron handles - large rivets.  Never seen anything like it!

Retinned and Polished.

Russian Sauce pan

9.5" x  4.75" tall

4.4 lbs.
​This is a nice, clean example of a Russian sauce pan.  The heart shaped copper handle attachment is quite indicative of "eastern block" copper.  Check out the dove-tailing of the bottom.

Retinned and polished.

English Hammered Sauce with Lid

7.25" x 4"tall
4.8 lbs. w/lid

Excellent quality sauce pan with matching lid.  Nice.  ~2.5QT

Both pieces retinned and polished.

Large English Sauce 

9.5" x 4.5" tall

      4.6 lbs.

​Probably English with the shape of that handle - but not classically so.

Nice large piece with a rolled top edge.

Retinned & polished.


French sauce

8.5" x 4.5"tall

Nice large French sauce pan with a gorgeous, low seated brass handle.

Retinned and polished.

Round au Gratin

10.5" x  2" tall


Are you looking for a specific shape?  size?

Let me know!

email me:  ectinning@gmail.com


English Hammered Sauce with Lid

8" x 4.5"tall
6 lbs. w/lid

Matching set to MZ8/9 above.  Again -  top quality sauce pans with lids.  Both in great shape.

Retinned & polished.

Small Fry

7.5" x  1.5" tall

1.6 lbs.
​A solid everyday "go to" fry pan.  At 7.5" diameter it is perfect when cooking for two.

Good middle weight and a nice brass handle.

Retinned & polished.
was $450

"Adams & Son" saute
engraved "D"

7.5" dia. x  3" tall


Set of sauce pans

Rive Gauche - WashingtonDC.

Provenance is spectacular!

Along with the "Peter BRUX" pieces at the top of the page, these pans have cooked for JFK, Jackie and the Kissinger’s.  Revered French chef Jean-Pierre Goyenvalle (friend the pans' owner) headed the famous Rive Gauche in Georgetown until 1997...

Oval au gratin pan

12" x 8" x  1.5" tall
1.6 lbs


​Solid French oval...

7.5"dia x 5.25" tall


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Small Fry #2

7" x 1.5" tall

1.6 lbs.
This piece and SF20 came from the same set.  


Deep Saute
11" x 4" tall



​This is an interesting piece.  It has a ton of unique character:  the handle, the engraved initials, the deepness.

Tinned and polished.

Medium Saute

9 x 3" tall
4.3 lbs

​Straight-up French sauté.  Good price.


Medium Sauce Pan
no / lid

8.75" x 4.75" tall

Nice straight-up sauce pan.  The lid is not included.

Retinned and polished.


Copper Bundt

10" dia



Tinned and polished.
$250 /ea.

Small Sautes
3 pcs

8" x 2.25"
2.5" tall

JCB48 / JCB49 / JCB76
Nice sauté pans for every day use...

Chef Jean Charles Berruet
from the Chanticleer on Nantucket...


Oval au Gratin
Aluminum with copper wrap exterior

9.5" x 1.75" tall



Stainless lined


​NEW.  Swiss.


Stainless lined

6.75" x 3"tall


​NEW. Swiss.

Stainless au gratin


​Stainless with brass handles.

NEW.  Swiss.


9.75" x 1.75tall

2.25 lbs

Escargot?  Why not.....

Love this shape!  So unique...
Another piece stamped "KC" from the Knickerbocker Club

Excellent condition.

Retinned & polished.